Are you available for freelance or commissions?

Yes! If you have an opportunity for an interesting project contact me via email to discuss pricing and details.

What media and tools do you use?

Primarily I work digitally for final illustrations using a large Wacom Intuos Pro tablet and Adobe programs (mostly Photoshop and sometimes Illustrator). I also use an iPad Pro/Apple Pencil with Procreate and Clip Studio Paint programs. For digital brushes I use a variety of tool presets and textures I've bought or collected over the years plus ones I've made myself. I enjoy traditional media including pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, and more for sketching and experimenting. My favorite sketchbooks are Bee Paper brand's Aquabee Super Deluxe series.

What influences your work?

Nature, travel, cute stuff, video games, cartoons, comics, other artists...and many many other things! I have a lot of interests and they manifest in different ways within my work as I continue to evolve my personal style. I love drawing characters so I'm especially inspired by media that has interesting and unique character designs.

Can I use your art for my own avatar, t-shirt, prints, website, etc?

No, please don't, stealing from artists is not cool. If you want to use my work in any way contact me first. Use or reproduction is not allowed without express permission. Thank you!

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